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Digital stories

We create digital stories as part of our ‘Making movies’ class.

We tell personal stories about friendship, travel, fashion and the things we like.

This digital story was filmed at our Open Day in 2015 and gives you a sneak peek of the activities that happen at our Union Street site.


Client stories


ChuongChuong is 22 and lives with his mum and dad. He loves sport including soccer, football, basketball and rugby league.

He’s been coming to NSS for around three years. One of his favourite programs is cooking, where he learns how to prepare food as well as be safe in the kitchen.

Chuong is also learning how to be a barista.

“Hot chocolate, black shot, tea. Everything,” he says.

The best part is that the skills Chuong learns at NSS help him to be more independent.

“Yeah, clean up the bathroom, go shower myself, cleaning clothes – all myself.” 


ElviElvi has lived in our supported accommodation for as long as she can remember and is part of our community options for older people program at Ethel Street.

She loves helping out her friends, going to the movies and morning teas.

Elvi’s home was recently renovated and she really likes that the showers are good and the kitchen is beautiful.

She also likes that her home has two staff members that help her when she needs it.

“They talk to me, they make me feel really good. I’ve got no complaints…about anything. I just like getting help the way I get the help.’

We’ve got two staff in the house. So one staff (member) helps one person and then (the other) staff helps another, so it’s really good like that.”

Elvi says the best thing about coming to NSS are the people.

“I’m gonna be honest with this. I just love the people. If I didn’t get along with people, I just wouldn’t go to work. But it’s the people that make it really good. Yeah, and friends of course too.”

You can hear more from Elvi in her digital stories where she talks about fashion and friendship.

Daniel B

DanielDaniel came to NSS after he finished school at Concord in Bundoora. He’s found it easy to make friends here and is very happy.

“Ever since I’ve started here I’ve always been happy. I’ve never complained, like I’ve never wanted to go anywhere else. I’ve always said to my mum I’m happy here,” he says.

Daniel successfully completed the Certificate I in Transition Education and now he’s studying the Certificate I in Work Education.

Daniel is learning how to catch public transport by himself and hopes he will be able to travel independently in the future.

He likes that the staff are nice and support him if he’s not having a good day.

“Maybe if I felt upset or not the best…I could maybe sit with them and talk about it and stuff.”


JennyJenny has been using our Community options service for several years.

Some of the activities she takes part in include yoga, art, computer skills, swimming and performing arts.

In performing arts she gets to create her own characters including superheroes and villains.

The felted scarves she’s made in our art class have been exhibited and she’s even sold some.

Jenny’s favourite activity is writing her own stories. Sometimes she writes about what she did on the weekend and sometimes she makes stories up.

On Thursdays, she volunteers at the Red Cross in Collingwood. She enjoys going through the boxes of clothes that have been donated and helping to sort them and hang them up.

On Mondays, she sings with the Uniting Church choir. They sing pop, classics and Christmas carols.

“I love it. I love the songs. I get them stuck in my head and I sing it. It feels good. And partly, you meet new people,” she says.

After hours on Tuesdays, Jenny is part of a social group. They make dinner together and every second week they choose a restaurant to go to.


Paul has been part of NSS for 13 years.

He takes part in different activities including our art studio, cooking and making movies.

The best meal he’s learnt to make is butter chicken!

In the art studio, Paul uses oil paints and pencils to create images of snakes and spiders.

His work has been included in exhibitions and he’s even sold some of his paintings for money.

Paul has been nominated twice for an Inspire Award in the category of Speaking Up.

The Inspire Awards recognise the outstanding achievements of people with disability and supports the development of an Australian society that includes people of all abilities.

Paul was nominated by VALID for his outstanding leadership, mentor and role model qualities.

He loved volunteering at the VALID conference earlier this year and is also part of an NSS group that discusses issues that clients bring to them, such as maintenance requests.

When asked what he would tell someone who’s never been to NSS before, he said “It’s one of the best centres. It’s good here. You should come here.”


This is the third year that Jade has taken part in activities through our Community options service. She has a visual impairment and uses a cane.

"The best thing," she says, "is making friends and hanging out with people and talking to people."

"I was really happy when I’d hang out with my friends in my lunch break."

Since coming to NSS Jade has tried music, cooking, drama, choir and art.

One of her favourite activities is music, where they go to a recording studio in Reservoir.

"We do song writing and like, we write songs down and sing."

Jade likes to write songs about things that have happened to her.

Last year the group made a CD, as well as performing, which Jade is proud of.


Ida lives in our supported accommodation and likes that she can get help to shower.

Living here makes her feel more independent.

She loves making beads for friends and will spend time picking out the best beads.

Ida also loves music and listening to Elvis Presley makes her happy.


Jeremy used to come to NSS part time. This year he’s started with us full time, which is what he wanted.

Coming here every weekday means he’s been able to try new things, for example, singing and lawn bowls.

Jeremy also takes part in swimming, is making a magazine in his computer skills class and likes going to Don Bosco to play pool.

His favourite activity is the NSS radio show that is broadcast every Tuesday at 11am on SYN 90.7 FM.


Nhu has been with us for eight years.

She successfully completed the Certificate I in Transition Education and now she’s studying the Certificate I in Work Education.

When she’s not studying, one of her favourite activities at NSS is the art class, where she likes to draw trees and nature.

Nhu’s experience at NSS can be summed up in one word – "fun".

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