Meet our feature artist: Jenny

Jenny came to one of our Open Days a few years back, where she learned about our studio and saw what was possible.Jenny creating art

Since joining us at NSS, she’s made felt and silk scarves, exhibited her work and even sold some items.

I like to paint with paint brushes and I copy from magazines and stuff. I remember doing a drawing from a book. It was a pop-singer. I used water colours. It was amazing!

I have been learning to draw with ink using a pen that I need to dip each time I want to draw a picture. Last week I did a picture of different lines turning them into an animal or a person. I was experimenting with lines.”

Jenny is inspired by painting and the studio not only nurtures her creative spirit, it has a positive effect on her wellbeing.

I like to create in interesting ways. The art makes me feel beautiful and inspiring.

It shows that I have a personality. I am creative, interesting, outgoing. It shows that I dream.

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