Well done to our RTO practical placement students!

The RTO staff are very proud of the recent group of students who have completed the ‘Participate in Practical Placement with Support’ unit. The Certificate I Work Education students were in charge of organising and completing their practical placement. They contacted potential employers, went to meet with them and signed workplace agreements stating the terms of their practical placement. Then, over the week of placement, each student independently attended their chosen place of employment and completed the tasks set by their supervisors.  
Daniel B was one of the students and said he really enjoyed his placement.
“I recently did a practical placement at a supermarket as I like retail. I learnt about what skills I needed and about facing up, which means bringing stock to the front [of the shelf].”
Penny also completed the practical placement unit and said it helped to improve her skills.
“In my practical placement, my confidence got better as I talked to more people and practiced my communication skills in the workplace.”
Well done to Michael, Daniel, Choung, Daniel, Penny and Lucas!

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